About Company

Supply of electronic components

Petroelectronics, everything starts with an idea!

We have an office and a warehouse in NSW, consolidation offices in Europe, Asia and North America and are focused on long-term partnerships.

Wide range of products

  • 4,000,000 items of supplied components;

  • More than 3,000 manufacturers in the proposed supply map;

  • Direct deliveries from the world's largest warehouses in Australia Europe, USA and China.

Technical support and advice

  • Registration and technical support of projects;

  • Receipt of the project price;

  • Supply of samples and debugging tools;

  • Providing technical information.

Individual approach

We strive for the highest level of service and offer:

  • Supply of electronic components in the required quantities, both for the serial production of products, and for the production of samples and small batches;

  • The ability to cover more than 80% of the client's needs from one supplier;

  • Working with large lists of titles;

  • Maintaining a warehouse with components in stock according to customer requirements;

  • Planning and shipment of goods according to the agreed schedule;

  • Fixed price for goods in stock and up-to-date information on availability;

  • Consolidation of shipments and delivery of goods to any address;

  • <<Last minute>> - delivery of a number of items in the shortest terms of delivery;

  • Flexible pricing. Getting the target price on request (target);

  • Special price offer for large volume orders;

  • Possibility of deferred payment;

  • Personal manager.