Our catalog of electronic components contains more than 1400 items of various varieties

Our catalog contains more than 1400 items of various varieties. The catalog is constantly updated. Please contact our managers for up-to-date information.

Measuring instruments wholesale

Petroelectronics offers a wide range of measuring instruments at low prices, which you can buy wholesale and retail with delivery throughout Australia. Measuring instruments are special devices designed to interact the constituent elements with electromagnetic fields created by radio elements and parts of an electrical circuit, obtaining information about different electrical quantities.

Among our assortment, there are many measuring instruments from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Thanks to the convenient navigation through the categories of our catalog, you can easily find the necessary devices that can be bought directly from the warehouse or on order by leaving a request on our website.

There are many different types and types of electrical measuring instruments. In our catalog you can find the following:

  • Signal & Spectrum Analyzers

  • Voltmeters

  • Generators

  • RLC Meters

  • Meters of parameters of power grids

  • Phase difference meters

  • Resistance meters

  • Temperature and humidity meters

  • Measures of physical quantities

  • Measuring heads

  • Calibrators

  • Laboratory Power Supplies

  • Multimeters

  • Oscilloscopes and accessories

  • Cable line control devices

  • PC-based devices and accessories

  • Probes & Testers

  • Thermal imaging equipment

  • Current clamps, wattmeters

  • Frequency counters

All products from the category "Measuring instruments" can be bought wholesale and retail.

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