Our catalog of electronic components contains more than 1400 items of various varieties

Our catalog contains more than 1400 items of various varieties. The catalog is constantly updated. Please contact our managers for up-to-date information.

Enclosure and installation products wholesale

The company "SKY HIVE" offers to buy case and installation products wholesale and retail with delivery throughout Australia. Among our assortment, there are many electronic components and radio components from foreign and domestic manufacturers. You can familiarize yourself with the list of our products and select the radio components you need, leaving a request for a full-price list with all prices and articles.

In our catalog, all products are conveniently divided into categories, which makes the search process quick and convenient. Each client will be able to find the necessary radio components that can be bought directly from the warehouse, or on order, paying in any convenient way.

You can buy all products from the category "Cabinet and installation products" wholesale and retail.

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